Tune-ups, Oil Changes, & Tire Repairs in Mesa, AZ

In addition to tire services, Fatboys Wheels & Tires in Mesa, AZ, provides a wide range of auto services to ensure your vehicle is operating at its very best. From tune-ups and oil changes to lowering and lifting services, each job is handled with care.


 Lowering & Lifting 

If you’re looking to customize your car by lifting or lowering it, work with a professional to ensure the job is done right. Our auto services include lifting and lowering kits that will level your car exactly the way you want. You’ll be thrilled with the results we deliver.


    Along with the rest of our auto services, Fatboys Wheels & Tires also offers excellent plating work. Choose from chrome or gold to make your car stand out. We work quickly and communicate with you every step of the way to make sure that you can get the beautiful plating you want.


    Your car needs regular tune-ups in order to lengthen its life and ensure the very best performance. Fatboys Wheels & Tires works with you to perform a variety of auto services, including oil changes and brake service, that will ensure your vehicle is operating at its very best. Come and see us today to make sure your car is running efficiently.

    Services LIST

    Lift & Lowering Kits | Chrome & Gold Plating | Powder Coating | Brake Service | Tune-ups | Oil Changes

    Get Excellent Auto Services

    With so many professional auto services available, it’s no wonder that Fatboys Wheels & Tires is the top choice in the area for car care. We work quickly to give you the results you need and strive for your complete satisfaction. Schedule an appointment to get the best auto services in this area.